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Paperbell is The New Online Software That Takes Care of Appointment Scheduling, Taking Payments, Contract Signing, Intake Surveys, Client Admin and More for Your Coaching Business.
You are about to be nerding out over Paperbell if:

🧐 You find yourself digging through your email and calendar like a crazed ferret just to figure out how many appointments you’ve done and how many are left.

🙄 You feel more like a babysitter than a coach because of all the time you spend sending “friendly reminders” to your clients to do the most basic things like schedule their sessions.

😳 Your “system” for keeping notes on clients looks more like a series of encoded messages from a serial killer.

😒 You want prospects to just be able to sign up and get going without a bunch of back and forth on every little step.

🤔 You’re like Coachlock Holmes trying to find clues in all your notes and emails to figure out who needs what when.

😩 You procrastinate so much on all the boring administrivia of your business that you’re forced to dedicate a whole “catch up day” (please let it take only one day!) just to make your way through the pile.

😬 You waste precious time randomly searching through a bunch of different accounts trying to figure out who has paid and who still owes.
Paperbell Is the All-In-One Software That Solves All the Problems of Running Your Coaching Business.