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Make your members feel welcome
Grow your community, grow your business
Your brand has fans, why not make them feel special? With Weebly it’s easy to create a membership website with content and features exclusive to this treasured audience. Create premium reports. Develop a community. Provide courses. Placing your most valuable offers in an exclusive “members area” gives your site cachet and customers reason to subscribe, creating a much-needed and predictable stream of recurring revenue for your business.

Simple signup and one-click login
Help members get to your best content, faster
Whether your members arrive at your home page or bookmark exclusive content, Weebly’s simple sign-on window gets your members where they want to go fast. Just enter an email and set a password and they’re in. New users can use the same window to register for your site. And because Weebly is built for simplicity and to deliver a polished experience, the link to the login/register window is automatically added to your main navigation.

Take control with groups
Create membership tiers and encourage fans to go further
Not all members are equal, so don’t treat them that way. Instead, use member groups to segment members into different tiers, giving each access to certain levels of content. Upsell by adding reminders of what else is available. You’ll also want a default group that all members are added to when they sign up. Otherwise, you’ll end up adding new members manually — not a bad idea when you have a few dozen members, but unmanageable if you serve thousands of paying subscribers.

Add hundreds of members in minutes
Curate and upload contacts from anywhere
If you’ve started your business elsewhere and moved to Weebly, you may have existing members who’ll need to be added to your site, and asking them to sign up a second time can be troublesome. What to do? Export your member list to Excel or a CSV file and then import directly to your new Weebly account, no manual data entry required.

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