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Create your own world of online learning.
Pathwright is an all-in-one design, learning, and teaching platform for reinventing your world of education.

1:Design amazing courses quickly
Paths:Transform your ideas and materials into actionable steps.
Media:Demonstrate anything with video, audio, and written tutorials.
Projects:Create projects, discussion exercises, and more.
Remix:Build new courses out of steps like snapping together magic blocks.
Assessments:Make it stick with game-like practice quizzes or graded tests.
Points:Set points to motivate learners or track an official grade.
Notes:Add public or private notes to help learners and other teachers dig deeper.
Certificates:Award course completion with a printable certificate.

2:Launch the best learning experience out there—yours
Learn Mode:Give them an environment designed for focused learning.
Themes:Pick the perfect look for you in seconds, customize anytime.
Branded:Launch under your own name, URL, and catalog. You control everything.
Mobile:Design, teach, learn, and manage on any screen—even the one in your pocket.
Commerce:Earn income from courses, subscriptions, group access, and more.
Home:Give each learner a homepage for all their learning, past or present.
Learner Digest:Set up daily or weekly summary email with everything happening to re-engage learners.

3:Teach with superpowers
Radar:See exactly where your learners are in real time so no one gets stuck.
Schedules:Help your learners stay on track with due dates and auto-reminders.
Feedback:Share feedback on project submissions, assessment answers, and more with our lightning-fast workflow.
Discussion Prompts:Post discussion prompts to foster intentional, guided discussion on any step.
Performance:Know exactly how each learner, lesson, or step is performing at a glance.
Notifications:Get notified in app or by email when something needs your attention.