Online Course using Wix

Sell online courses, digital downloads and memberships using Weebly.

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There are three different options for selling your online course, depending on your needs and business plan:

Offer individual lessons for rent or purchase: Allow users to rent or purchase your online course on a video-by-video basis. When purchasing a video, users will enjoy unlimited streaming of the lesson they’ve purchased, so that they can go back and rewatch the content at all times. Choose if you want to allow viewers to download the video, or watch it directly on your site.

Offer a channel subscription: By paying a monthly fee, users will be able to access all of the paid videos within a channel. Channel subscriptions create a pay-wall, separating the content of your website into public and premium.

Offer paid plans: Set up different payment options, offering your students to pay all at once or with a recurring payment plan. You can control everything from the type of plan, to what is included, how long it will last, and more. Display plan options on your site for clients to choose from and purchase. Paid Plans act as a pay-wall, allowing users to access the content only after they pay and log into the members area within your site.

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