Paid Content on your website using Squarespace

Sell online courses, digital downloads, memberships and paid newsletters using Squarespace.

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Create members‑only content.
Monetize your content with Member Areas. Add paid areas to an existing Squarespace site or build a new one with our award-winning templates.

All-in-one tools.
Get everything you need to create, share, and manage paid content with our versatile Member Areas.

Share your expertise.
Create classes, training, and packages for people of all skill levels and communities.

Choose how you charge.
Charge a fee every week, month, or all at once. You can also make it completely free.

Everything in one place.
Send emails, get insights, manage members, and choose where visitors sign up.

Promote premium content.
Whether you’re a chef selling recipes and cooking videos or a financial planner sharing newsletters and podcasts, Squarespace has the tools you need to protect and share your content.

Share online classes.
From virtual yoga classes to writing workshops, digital networking events to 1:1 coaching, our platform helps creators educate and inspire members.

Build a community.
Help members connect with one another through virtual events, email updates, shared event calendars, and group workshops.

Integrate your newsletter.
Member areas connect with Squarespace Email Campaigns and Profiles. So you can manage lists and send newsletters all from the same place.