Paid Forum using Plush Forums

Earn money through monthly subscribers (charged via PayPal) or through showing ads on your forum using Plush Forums.

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If you run a subscription newsletter or online course, Plush is the forum service you’ve been waiting for. You can have a completely integrated PayPal subscription service up and running in minutes. Just enter your PayPal details and the amounts you want to charge and you’re open for business.

You can put your entire site behind a paywall. Or you can put key features behind the paywall, like private messaging or the ability to upload an avatar. You also have fine-grained control over what subscribers and non-subscribers can see. You can restrict forum categories, or use BBCode tags to restrict a specific piece of content.

The Paid Subscriptions service costs $0.05 per week for each active subscriber. If you charge $20 per month, this equates to 1.1%.

PlushForums also includes functionality to include adverts between forum comments, where they’ll be read and clicked the most. Ads can be hidden from paying users, giving your members another incentive to subscribe.

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